Engineering Support

Have your machines had their maintenance support yet?

What is Engineering Support?

With any machinary, the key to a long life is regular maintenance and care. This is why at Euro Access Ltd we understand that keeping up with repairs and maintenace can be a big task. That is why our engineers specialise in delivering engineering support to all kinds of powered access machines. Book a single machine or a whole fleet in and get them checked out, and tweaked up.

For a lot of companies annual MEWP servicing has always been a bit of an afterthought, that’s why we as a company can set you up with a bespoke, tailored and maintenance package and take the hassle and worries out of maintaining your equipment.

Our team have experience in maintaining and servicing a wide range of Powered Access machinary, not sure if your’s is something we can work on? Get in touch today!

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Why should I use engineering support services?

Engineering Support covers a broard range of different services all focused on keeping machines running safely, efficently and affordable. The benefits to booking your powered access machine in for engineering support is:

Reduce costly parts replacement

Increase your machines resale value

Improve the machines working life

Are your machines in need of some maintenance?

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How often should engineering support and maintenance been done?

When it comes to engineering support, it’s important to remember that all equipment that is used to lift persons must undergo a thorough examination by a competent person, at least once every 6 months.

The types of checks these include are:

  • Lowering, lifting, rotating and extending equipment.
  • Safety systems and controls including sensors, stop buttons ,emergency lowering, and communication systems.
  • All parts of the work basket & platform, including the floor and gates, guardrails and other safety harness points.
  • Screws, nuts, bolts, bearings, hydraulics, electrics, ropes and chains
  • Batteries, power supplies and pumps.
  • Brakes and steering


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