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Are your machines LOLER compliant?

What is LOLER & PUWER?

LOLER is a abbreviation for the ‘ Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998) ‘, which is the UK Government’s regulation for persons and companies who own, operate, or have control over, any form of lifting equipment. This falls under the Health and Saftey at Work Act 1974 and it’s in place to ensure that all lifting equipment is suitable and safe for use. 

LOLER regulations require that all lifting operations must be properly planned by what’s called a ‘competent person’, as well as appropiately supervised and carried out safely. 

In addition to the supervising and planning of lifting operations, LOLER requires that all equipment used for lifting is regulary maintained, inspected and suitably marked to indicate that it is fit for purpose. In many cases, this involves regular examinations and inspections, where lifting equipment is checked by , as mentioned above, a ‘Competent Person’ for any issues or defects. 

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What equipment is covered by LOLER?

LOLER applies to a wide range of lifting equipment used at work across different industry sectors. Examples of the different types of equipment covered by LOLER regulations include:

Overhead Cranes

Vehicle Tail Lifts

Motor Vehicle Lifts

Telehandlers and Fork Lifts

Lifting Accessories

Goods and Passenger Lifts

Are your machines due their LOLER?

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How often should LOLER checks and inspections be completed?

When it comes to how regular you need to impliment LOLER, HSE (Health & Saftey Executive) recomends that lifting equipment and accessories relating to devices / machines which lift people should be inspected every 6 months, whilst much larger equipment which is meant for non-human lifting should have its inspection every 12 months.


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